Carrion Call is a light deck-building card battle game for two players.

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An epic battle rages! Swordsmen charge! Archers volley! The tale will be told in the skies above! Carrion Call is a two player, head to head, light deck building game.


• Conceived in 2018
• Competitive card game
• 2 Players
• 27 cards
• Available for purchase


Using identical 10 card starting decks players take turns laying down cards to place crows and vultures into the sky above the enemy front, or to move birds out of the sky above theirs. The bird counters move in flight paths leading away from your side into your opponents, and back again. Attack cards can combo to place even more birds. At the end of each round players will add a powerful bonus card to their deck to manipulate even more of the avian counters. Play your attacks strong, counter with your defense, save your big move for the right moment. At the end of four rounds the player with the lowest points total is the winner. Two will fight, the birds take flight, will you answer the Carrion Call!