Maze of the Minotaur is a tile based escape game set in the mythology of Ancient Greece. 

Players are characters that are cast into the maze of the Minotaur where escape is the only way to win and danger lurks as the Minotaur moves about the maze. Players will navigate the twists and turns of the tile while revealing the maze along the way and collecting rewards which determine who wins the game. First one out doesn’t guarantee the winner.


• Conceived in 2013
• 2-8 players
• Tile based
• Greek mythology
• Ages 8 and up
• 8 Player boards, 8 player markers and base, 1 6 sided die, 1 minotaur marker and base, 54 maze tiles, 1 turn track, 
  24 laurel victory points tiles, 16 key markers, 16 sword markers, 16 shield markers, 16 treasure markers, 16 torch 
  markers, 48 leaf markers, 48 minotaur wound markers, 64+ glass beads, 1 first player marker
• Being play tested    


I was interested in exploring the ability of giving the players control over the movement of the Minotaur and how the game functions. I also wanted to maximize the variables between the blind turn of the tiles and dynamics of each character having its own special power. The powers allow each player to bend the rules in a specific way that will yield immediate results or more strategic, long-term results. By picking your character you are defining the tactic you want to take from the beginning of the game.  

The mythology of the Minotaur lent itself to this type of game of revealing tiles to build the board. I was inspired by the artwork of Grecian frescos to produce the visuals for the game.  Unique fate card drawing with pass and choose mechanism allows the players to have choice in which card they play for their turn and allows for interactivity between players. The first player in a round who draws the cards is ultimately left with the last card and it’s gains or losses adding an element of tension as a round comes to a close.


Game play is 45-90 minutes and requires some setup to ensure that the exit remains secret from all players. Players collect rewards as they move through the maze that can be that can be redeemed to benefit players in the maze or turned into victory points and contribute to the score at the end of the game. Strategy comes into play on balancing the desire to find the exit and the ability to collect more points while hoping that the you stay out of the path of the Minotaur to avoid damage points and possible death.