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Lovecraftian horror

Lovecraftian horror

Dark Places

grecian mythology escape

grecian mythology escape

Maze of the Minotaur

Deep Space Thriller

Deep Space Thriller




Carrion Call

Carrion Call is a two player, head to head, light deck building game. Using identical 10 card starting decks players take turns laying down cards to place crows and vultures into the sky above the enemy front, or to move birds out of the sky above theirs. The bird counters move in flight paths leading away from your side into your opponents, and back again. Attack cards can combo to place even more birds. At the end of each round players will add a powerful bonus card to their deck to manipulate even more of the avian counters. Play your attacks strong, counter with your defense, save your big move for the right moment. At the end of four rounds the player with the lowest points total is the winner.

$29.99 plus shipping


Dungeon2 (Squared)

Escape the dungeon with this fast, fun fantasy based card game for 1-4 players. Easily portable. Uses color mixing, counting and deck building. Perfect for ages 8 and up! Loved by both girls and boys. Now available direct from Game Crafter. 

"This game transports you to another world! "
~ Max, age 10

$25.99 plus shipping



Get your "hands" dirty with the Wetworks card game. Each player manages a hand of 7 cards, trying to collect matching suits of cards to eliminate the enemy where he stands. Watch out, though, players may also play movement cards to advance the Targets along their movement tracks. Taking a Target out of one zone, into the next, and out of your reach! Targets can gain Bonuses, making them tougher to eliminate. Beware the Compromised card which other players can use to spoil an attempt on a Target. There is always the possibility of the Double Agent lurking in the deck.

$31.99 plus shipping


Blood of a King

Blood of a king is a quick playing card battle game for two players. Matching Axes and Shields gives you offense and defense points. Out score your opponents defenses and wound the Tribe. If your lucky, the King himself! Beware the Witch, as she will take a warrior with her to the grave. Call upon the Berserks in a time of need. Deliver three wounds to the enemy King, and you will stand victorious!

$9.99 plus shipping

divination cards

divination cards

Rune Cards

Rune Cards are a great way to get in touch with your intuitive self.

Runes are an ancient form of storytelling. It is both an alphabet and a way of connecting with your intuitive self to help guide you on your journey through life.

Let these Runes guide and inform your daily life. By drawing one or more rune cards and consulting the interpretations in the booklet, they may provide insight, point out signposts and guide you through the calm and chaos we experience in our daily lives.

$16.99 plus shipping


Krampus is a holiday take on the classic game of Old Maid. Deal out all the cards, Pick from the player to your right, and try to match the images on your cards to score pairs. If you happen to draw the Krampus card, one of your pairs on nice little children have been naughty. Off to the discard pile! Unless you already have St. Nick, then there is no penalty. If you hold the Krampus card after all the pairs have been made you lose, and the player with the most pairs wins! If you end the game with both Krampus and St. Nick then you’re the winner!

$10.99 plus shipping


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Medusa’s Temple - Print and play

Blood of a King - Print and play


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