The mission of Ringstrue Games is to bring more fun and play into people's lives.

Many of the games I have been working on are cooperative experiences which enable players to work together toward an end goal. Cooperative play makes it easier for beginner and experienced players to enjoy a game together. I am also working to create games that allow players to have an influence on the direction that the game play takes. I have also designed a number of games to be playable solo, allowing the game to be played more often and in a shorter amount of time, by a single player, while still offering up a satisfying play experience. The solo play aspect also allows the player to learn the game thoroughly before presenting it to a group for play, shortening the learning curve.

I focus on getting the right balance and narrative figured out in my games. If the gameplay feels too easy or too difficult a player may lose interest, and not bring it back out for play. Without a strong narrative, story or sense of purpose a game may falter and lose it’s audience.

So far it has been an interesting journey, and I am excited to see what comes of it.


Christopher Wiley - Inventor

Bachelor of Fine Arts
SUNY New Platz, 1993

Master of Fine Arts 
Massachusetts College of Art, 1996 

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