Ringstrue Games was created by Christopher Wiley in 2011 when the concept for Dark Places began. The game ideas kept coming and now there are over 25 games in various stages of production. Three games are now for sale on The Game crafter website with several other prototypes getting ready to be for sale soon.

SERVICES: How can I help you?

Interested in getting some help with your project? I’d be happy to help. My services include design of game components including cards, dice, game boards and other game pieces in Illustrator. Fabrication of 2D and 3D high or low fidelity prototypes. Game instruction and rule book authoring and design. Computer illustration and iconography using Illustrator and Photoshop. Original concept artwork including pen and ink, watercolor, and pencil sketches. Assistance with game strategy, invention and play testing. Find me on LinkedIn.

MISSION: Bring more fun and play into people's lives.

Many of the games I have been working on are cooperative experiences which enable players to work together toward an end goal. Cooperative play makes it easier for beginner and experienced players to enjoy a game together. I am also working to create games that allow players to have an influence on the direction that the game play takes. I have also designed a number of games to be playable solo, allowing the game to be played more often and in a shorter amount of time, by a single player, while still offering up a satisfying play experience. The solo play aspect also allows the player to learn the game thoroughly before presenting it to a group for play, shortening the learning curve.

I focus on getting the right balance and narrative figured out in my games. If the gameplay feels too easy or too difficult a player may lose interest, and not bring it back out for play. Without a strong narrative, story or sense of purpose a game may falter and lose it’s audience. 

Christopher Wiley
Game Inventor and 2D/3D Artist

Bachelor of Fine Arts
SUNY New Platz

Master of Fine Arts 
Massachusetts College of Art