Seventh Sector is a space exploration game early development.

The premise is that players build the galaxy as they explore by starting on one board tile and moving out to open up new territory. Space is divided into sectors, each sector consisting of 7 board tiles. When players advance beyond theses seven hexes, a section of sector boundary is placed along the edge of the sector and a new sector is started. Within each sector players will reveal different planet and alien types. Planets may be explored by landing on them and rolling the die to see what resources are gained and/or penalties accrued. The different alien races have a predetermined relationship, markers are drwn during the set up of the game and placed on the alien chart. A red marker would indicate the race is hostile to the players, yellow would indicate in a trade relation to the players and green would indicate a friendly relationship. Players can gain resources from planets and aliens to build upgrades for their ships, to make exploration of more difficult locations possible, and to extend the power of weapons and shields, and the range of their warp travel. As of now the components offer a completly playable prototype, but I have not determined what the overarching concept of the game is yet. The game would be playable co-operatively but could support competitive or traitor elements.


  • Conceived August 2011

  • Cooperative/competitive

  • 4 Player

  • exploration, resource management

  • 4 player boards, alien race encounter board, planetary encounter board, 4 player ship markers, 4 player station markers, crew markers, resource markers, special equipment markers, weapons markers, shield markers, warp markers, planet and enemy hexagonal markers, hexagonal board tiles, 6 sector boundary segments, alien race relations markers, 1 custom d6

  • Early beta stage