Monster Hunter is an early stage prototype for a monster themed card game.

The monsters are out! In Monster Hunter you face the challenge of finding and catching the great monsters of history. Vampire, Dragon, Medusa, Sasquatch and 6 more frightening creatures await you. Travel through the unique terrain deck of Monster Hunter looking for the tools that are your only hope of capturing these creatures before you run out of time. Each Monster requires two specific tools to be caught. Easy enough? Watch out, don't get Scared, or you'll need that precious third tool to do the job. Too many Scares, and the game is over! Find the Locations, arrange Transport, retrace your steps, or when all else fails, sick the Angry Mob on 'em! Monster Hunter is a solitaire card adventure!


  • Conceived March 2013

  • Solitaire play

  • 1 Player

  • Item collection, matching

  • 154 cards

  • Being play tested