Tales of Legend is a light role playing exploration game. All Legends start somewhere... why not with you!

Players create their characters easily by choosing Race and Class skill sets, equiping their heroes with armor and weapons and assigning them skills to further customize their play experience.


• Conceived April 2012
• Cooperative play
• 1-5 Players
• Light fantasy RPG
• 36 modular dungeon floor pieces, 6 character boards, Race and Class inserts, equipment tiles, skill cards, 
   initiative cards, room feature counters, gold and wound counters, 12 pair of enemy markers, 6 character markers, 
   23 legend cards, 96 monster cards, 32 trap cards, 32 treasure cards, 1 exterior mat, 1 rulebook, 1 campaign book, 
   12 d10
• Early Beta testing


I approached Tales of Legend to recreate the experience I had playing RPGs as a kid. I wanted a sense of story and the feeling of being a part of it, but wanted to get away from the having to have someone in charge of the game. I also wanted to include the leveling up system and the ability to carry characters over to the next adventure to give players the sense of investment in their characters. Tales of Legend is a construct upon which I've laid the theme of adventuring and dungeon crawling but this mechanic could be repurposed across many different storylines or narratives. For the prototype I have two scenarios built out. Both are playable as single advantures, but one can easily lead into the other for a long term continuous adventure.


All Legends start somewhere. At its heart, Tales of Legend is a campaign style adventure game. Players start by choosing one of the "The legend begins..." cards to set the stage and gets you started in the Campaign book. The Campaign book guides you through the adventure by showing how the current locations are assembled using the modular board pieces, and giving you information as to what features and or enemies are located in the area. As you progress through the adventure, the Campaign book may prompt you to draw a "Legend" card. These cards progress the story line, and players randomly draw cards from Legend sets before the game begins. So although they know the basic story overview, how the story evolves is revealed during play. There is an initiative system based on character attributes and Combat both using the d10. There is opportunity to gain treasure by defeating enemies or searching rooms. Characters accrue experience points and may level up once they reach certain point goals. Leveling up will increase their Class stats and their success at using their current skills, as well as gain them new ones. Players may play one adventure exploring the map and story for that session and be done, but Tales of Legend is set up to take you further. Players may record their progress and play the same chartacters through multiple adventures, continuing to level up, collect more unique items and experiencing more of what Tales of Legend has to offer.